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What do we mean by Festivals in India?

On this awesome(bored from auspicious) occasion of Diwali, I thought that festivals always mean people getting together! In India, there are different religious sects which also mean that there would be different festivals! Let’s take 3 of the most popular festivals of 3 most popular religions in India, Diwali — Hindu, Eid — Muslim, Christmas — Christian. What happens in each of them? Continue reading What do we mean by Festivals in India?



Walking on a lonely road, you see the evening light vanishing at a constant but slow rate. In some time, before you even notice, everything’s black. You don’t even think about the darkness for a second as artificial lighting has already been discovered. Soon after, a car blazes away Continue reading City@Night..

Things I wish..

Hey there! I’m back! How’s you been? I know, I know, you must be waiting for my post, right? Oh, you are dying for it? Don’t worry, your wait is over. *Opens eyes*. Anyone? No one? *Wind blowing in lonely desert*. Anyways, I’ll move on. So, now, I’ll be going to tell you about Things I wish. The topic here seems to be pretty narrow on the first look. I thought, I only need to list my ‘wants’ and that’s it. But taking another look, perhaps third, I found this topic to be dynamic. If you didn’t get it, you can check it below! Let’s move to the real thing!  Continue reading Things I wish..

I write because . . .

Greetings everyone! I hope you know about me till now. If you don’t then you must be a newcomer on the blog, Welcome. This is my first year on WordPress and I found some courses or a kind of quick-guide to blogging. That is Reading101/201 and Writing101. I really didn’t had an idea of what’s it going to be! But it sounds awesome and seems that I could get a lot of advantage from it. This is the first Writing101 post for this blog and also for me. Looking Forward to it!

I write because Continue reading I write because . . .

This is 10th Std and Exams are inching closer!!

Hola everyone! It’s been a long time since I last interacted with you. I am in 10th Std now and things have become very hard to manage. You are expected to take out the best within you and perform awesome! So, I’m just doing what I’m supposed to. I want to write things here but time constraint is a big issue. The coming exams are important because it decides your career, it decides your job, it would eventually decide whom you marry, and so the whole future. Even things like, What will you eat? Where will you live? Who will be the people around you? How will Continue reading This is 10th Std and Exams are inching closer!!

Futuristic Games — Portal to Violence

Today, our teacher told us that we need to write an article on the modern-day games and violence filled in it. So, I thought why not post it here!!

Futuristic Games

Welcome to the modern-day toy shop. On the right, there’s a shelf filled with different console versions of the latest Assassin’s Creed series; a game where the protagonist tries to revolutionize the world around him through assassinations, loots and scandals. On the left, there’s the new Watch Dogs neatly arranged on the rack. The game features Aiden Pearce, an expert hacker taking revenge of his niece’s murder by killing everyone who comes in his way. Continue reading Futuristic Games — Portal to Violence