Today I Met Her..

A great gift from a granddaughter to her grandmother in order to make the maximum effort possible to repay love which couldn’t be repayed totally as the quantity is infinite!


Today I Met Her, the woman I know since 16 years. The woman who was the first one to see my face at the hospital. The woman who made my hair when I was a kid. The one who prepared my tiffin when mum was busy with chores. The one who still serves me food from her hand when I’m sick. The one who knows that what is to be mixed with water in order to heal fever. The one who makes a bun and wears a red bindi on her forehead. The one who watches those annoying Indian TV shows. The one who taught me how a girl should behave. The one who still never stops working even though her back hurts. The one who had a severe surgery 2 days back. The one who is still wearing an oxygen mask. The one who didn’t shed a single tear…

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