Festivals divide/unite India?

What do we mean by Festivals in India?

On this awesome(bored from auspicious) occasion of Diwali, I thought that festivals always mean people getting together! In India, there are different religious sects which also mean that there would be different festivals! Let’s take 3 of the most popular festivals of 3 most popular religions in India, Diwali — Hindu, Eid — Muslim, Christmas — Christian. What happens in each of them? People getting together, celebrating happiness, sweets and delicacies, worshiping GOD! Now, aren’t we all the same, human being?Doesn’t every holy book say that there is only one GOD? Then why don’t people from all the religions celebrate every festival with the same intensity? Aren’t festivals supposed to bring joy and give us the ‘change’ we require from our routine? Then why not celebrate such festivals often? Why to limit ourselves with only the festivals “made” by our religion? Weeks before, we know when’s which festival, and when’s which holiday! But for many, it’s just a holiday whereas for the people of a specific religion, it’s a festival! Such fun festivals are made by our ancestors to unite our nation, but aren’t we dividing it by restricting ourselves to celebrate those festivals ‘assigned’ to us? I think India being a secular country, the people of this nation should motivate unity! This post is not meant for criticizing anyone! I, myself haven’t celebrated any other festival. But I hate to see that a nation having so much potential getting divided! Especially on occasions like this! Diwali starts today, ends in few days, will come again and go away next year! If you can buy more crackers, more sweets or can enjoy more every year progressively, then why should we not progress ourselves, our nation? I know, most would instead opt for a Diwali Wish than what I have just wrote (Pretty large), but still, even if it makes one person to think different, then he/she can make a difference! Thank you everyone! Have an awesome Diwali! Β πŸ™‚

Hello everyone! I was going to post this on facebook but then the content was pretty large! I’ll share it on facebook though! Anyways, hope you liked my post! Leave a comment and like the post, the blog, and even me!! πŸ˜€ (P.S: No offence!)


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