Walking on a lonely road, you see the evening light vanishing at a constant but slow rate. In some time, before you even notice, everything’s black. You don’t even think about the darkness for a second as artificial lighting has already been discovered. Soon after, a car blazes away from the road besides you beaming it’s headlights at 110% brightness-level. This sudden flashing of light has got you out of your unconscious mind. You notice that the road was not lonely, but you seem to be lost in your own thoughts. Heading ahead, you try to avoid but still bump into people as you are going against the stream. No one seems to care, as they all are engrossed in their virtual life on the miniature PC’s. The light emitted by them seems like small fiery ants glowing in the dark as compared to high-rise buildings that pop-up after every step you take. You have never observed your surroundings like now cause you have adapted to it from your birth. Turning your head upside 60°, the humongous structures surrounding you scares you. You don’t feel near to your home as everything seems unfamiliar. You wonder if the world changed overnight but you do not realized that observing rather than looking the place around you has been the cause. The street lamps on congruent intervals glow enough to illuminate it’s surrounding. It looked as a war between the light sources and the night. From nowhere, did the moon rise appearing as backup for the light sources. You saw small shops selling eatables with their glowy banners glowing enough to illuminate the consumer as well as his/her consumable item. You felt that walking was not in your control as you moved in a constant pace without irregularities. You stopped only when you saw a familiar building in-front of you acknowledging you the reason of where were you and why? You entered the building and exited this dream.

I don’t think I have done this before, except for now. I wanted to convey my thoughts on this topic through a story which will make you readers come with me on my journey and understand better. Hope you liked this way to convey thoughts than the traditional way. Please comment below your suggestions. I know one can’t be perfect without critics. so willing to hear your thought on this post. Speaking(Writing actually) about the topic, I forgot to mention that this is the 4th task of Writing101 and this time, we needed to write our post based on a picture. A single picture. After writing this, I realized that a picture truly conveys thousands of words. Thanks a lot for lending me your time. As always, Stay Awesome! 😀

City@Night: Inspired by this photo!

22 thoughts on “City@Night..”

    1. Actually, I’m not so good when it comes to the use of complex words, I prefer it simple. But I just got my online order delivered to me for which I was waiting for like hell. And when it came, I was so so excited, I decided to divert it all on this post! So, maybe the result was good. LOL . This explanation is kinda weird but it’s from my heart! Thanks a lot! Appreciated 😀

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      1. The assignment was to write based on image. Image is the prompt(something which inspires us to write). I meant, you did a nice job on that particular image. 🙂

        And you are most welcome 🙂


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    1. Can you explain me what is stream-of-consciousness? I got a bit but I want to know more about it! And yes, I made some verb tenses mistakes with some other grammatical errors! I’ll surely work on that! Thanks a lot! I need those advises!

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      1. It’s a sort of monologue that goes on within our mind as we observe everything around us. Usually, most regular punctuation is dispensed with, and there are run-on sentences, etc. A great writer who uses this technique is James Joyce, who wrote the book “Ulysses.” (Not the ancient story of Ulysses, but a modern novel about a character called Leopold Bloom, and it’s set in Dublin, Ireland).

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      2. You’re welcome — I think you have a nice style!
        (Little grammar tip, which Microsoft doesn’t really know about: “Advice” with a “c” is a noun, and “Advise” with an “s” is a verb. Also, “Advice” is never plural.)

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