Uncertainty ??

How’s it going everyone? You seem fine to me though, if your not, then can’t you take care of yourself? Now, don’t be a cry-baby! [Humorous start — (check)] So, let’s move on. (P.S : You need to scroll down!)

I want to begin by answering ‘What is Uncertainty?‘. First of all, the meaning of it is also uncertain. Yes, uncertainty refers to different context on the basis of how one perceives it? To many, it would be a synonym of Unsure or Doubt. But to those who had dug up the literature, they know a deeper meaning that lies within this word. It refers to something unclear, it maybe your past, it maybe your future. To readers, it could be related to the genre of thriller where anything can happen. To the majority, uncertainty would be used in the negative context. But it also means that nothing is sure and hence Anything can happen! It gives a positive feeling of achieving anything.

I wanted to discuss this thing for a very very long time and gladly Writing101 gave me the opportunity! I, during my course of 15 years, have made many thoughts on What is life all about? Not only life, but on every other thing that I come across. One of my favorites is that I think everyone has some purpose in their life. And until you haven’t done that job, you’ll be still on this planet! Taking this into consideration, Uncertainty gives me the liberty to think that the purpose of my life is not designed, It is still in my hands! One of the major misconceptions is that success needs a ‘pinch of luck’. I never believed in luck. Even though, I tend to do those little awkward things which would make me believe that Luck is on my side. But I have completely understood, that counting on luck will never work on the long run. Luck for me consists of — Preconception of Opportunities, HardWorking on them, and Dedication throughout it’s course. But for some minutes, If we assume that Luck exists, then I don’t need to clarify that it is also uncertain. If we go on like this, we could prove that every other thing that exists is uncertain. For example : The meaning of any word like Freedom or Liberty can be perceived in 100’s of different contexts. The Happening of Events even the nation’s republic day cause the world can go into bits anytime. It could also happen that the president or someone with national importance or an artifact changes the date. As Uncertainty leads to anything can happen”, Everything is Uncertain!

This post is not meant to frighten anyone. It’s just the truth, the undiscovered as well as the never-explored one! Hope you like it and Stay Awesome! I’ll see you when I see you the next time! 😀


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