Things I wish..

Hey there! I’m back! How’s you been? I know, I know, you must be waiting for my post, right? Oh, you are dying for it? Don’t worry, your wait is over. *Opens eyes*. Anyone? No one? *Wind blowing in lonely desert*. Anyways, I’ll move on. So, now, I’ll be going to tell you about Things I wish. The topic here seems to be pretty narrow on the first look. I thought, I only need to list my ‘wants’ and that’s it. But taking another look, perhaps third, I found this topic to be dynamic. If you didn’t get it, you can check it below! Let’s move to the real thing! 

My list of ‘Choses que je souhaite’ would be :

  •  Deciphering LIFE : The top priority of my wants is this. Observing the world, learning things I like and dumping those I don’t. The world around me is the only reason what am I today! I always think that there is a connection between day-to-day life and things in the outer space. For example : It has been stated that an object with greater mass attracts more things easily as compared to other objects. Similarly, a person with greater importance attracts more people easily as compared to other people. (I don’t know what you feel about the comparison, but I have some more examples and that’s what I think!)
  • Experience everything : I don’t want my life to end without adventures. I want that adrenaline. I always wanted to fly around the ‘W o r l D‘. Learn about their lifestyles, their culture. Devour on their traditional delicacies. Another thing which I wished from my childhood was that I can live life of someone else. With the passage of some years, this thought matured into experiencing one’s life instead of totally living it! I want to experience life of a poor worker, a rich aristocrat, a thief, a policeman, a king, a peasant, an Everyday-Woman who has been dominated by the Male-Society, a queen who envied other queens, or simply any of my friends. Even you!
  • Freedom : I always want a life where there are no restrictions to any of your actions and your free to do anything. I’m talking about that sense of freedom where no one forces you to listen or act according to him/her. I don’t want someone to tell me to study 10 hrs a day, I don’t want anyone to force me to be his/her friend, I don’t want to accept an idea which I find unreasonable or contradictory to what I think. I have always been a person who learns from his mistake. I have never learnt anything just from hearing or reading about it. I need to experience it once, even though it’s a success or a failure, If I did it myself atleast for once, then I can ensure that I have learnt it. This wish is very much fulfilled but the only drawback of this is that I am often unable to behave as per the need of the situation. Due to my freedom, I tend to distract from my objective. As there’s no one to restrict you, you are on your own. Hence, even though Freedom is the very basic necessity for all, it leaves you in a dangerous situation where each step counts and your responsible for it.

    I agree that there are a hell lot of a wishes remaining. But most of these are materialistic. The above mentioned wishes are the one’s which made this list dynamic. Wishes can never be exhausted. A new one arises soon as one gets completed. This list might look small but these are the wishes which are halfway to needs whereas the rest of them aren’t so important and include ordinary wishes like, I want to be successful, I want to be rich, I want 10 CGPA, Assassin’s Creed Hoodie and . .  . the list goes on forever. I don’t really remember if I missed some really important one’s but that’s all for today’s Writing101 task! It’s time for me to leave but don’t worry I’ll be back soon! Alvida!


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