I write because . . .

Greetings everyone! I hope you know about me till now. If you don’t then you must be a newcomer on the blog, Welcome. This is my first year on WordPress and I found some courses or a kind of quick-guide to blogging. That is Reading101/201 and Writing101. I really didn’t had an idea of what’s it going to be! But it sounds awesome and seems that I could get a lot of advantage from it. This is the first Writing101 post for this blog and also for me. Looking Forward to it!

I write because I love to express myself. That would be the ultimate answer I could imagine. I don’t have a habit of writing. Actually, I never tend to complete things or be there till the end if they’re too long, needs hardwork, and/or are unappreciated. This Blog was introduced to me by my sister, Tanishka. I made this only for the reason that I wanted to make a website from long and she really encouraged me to do so. When she showed me her blog, I was amazed to see it but more than that (due to my jealousy) I wanted to make something even better! This is how I came into blogging and hence WordPress! I tried my best during it’s initial times, but I just couldn’t keep it for long. It was as if I used all of my energy drinks at the start of the race. I was happy to see that I gained followers pretty quickly! But then I again fell to old habit. I could just not convince myself to write again. I always saw writing, speaking, and drawing as expressions of the inside. Speaking was more like an involuntary action; there was no kinds of hardwork needed, only blabbering. Drawing was all fun and it even got people’s attention. But writing! Writing is a form of expression where one cannot write quality stuff without thinking, it requires practice, it requires dedication. Another major aspect is that one often tends to develop his writing skills and eventually writes quality stuff but there is only a minority who can understand it and appreciate. One starts to feel that “Is writing worth it?” If the majority cannot understand it because of it’s deep meaning or it’s mature language, then why to waste time and effort in such things! Raw-Gold extracting seems worthless as it has no commercial importance, but once it get’s refined, it starts to gain it’s worth! Similarly, writing at the initial stages may look worthless but it is very important!
Coming back to the topic. As I said, I recently got this opportunity where ‘writing101’ could help me maintain the regularity in my posts and so I could work on my habit. I’m looking forward to this and as a blogger, I would try to infotain(entertain and information) as long as I can. Concluding the post, I would like to say, that I write because I love to express and I came back to blogging so that I can work on my habit as well as talk with you people.Thanks!


7 thoughts on “I write because . . .”

    1. And you made my day! 🙂 But seriously, the way you present your content and the simplicity of your blog is just so elegant! It’s kawaii! Only for the fact that the content is not my piece of Strawberry-ShortCake!

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