This is 10th Std and Exams are inching closer!!

Hola everyone! It’s been a long time since I last interacted with you. I am in 10th Std now and things have become very hard to manage. You are expected to take out the best within you and perform awesome! So, I’m just doing what I’m supposed to. I want to write things here but time constraint is a big issue. The coming exams are important because it decides your career, it decides your job, it would eventually decide whom you marry, and so the whole future. Even things like, What will you eat? Where will you live? Who will be the people around you? How will they treat you? These exams look like a key to success. If you do your best and perform exceptional, you’ll get to eat chicken tandoori everyday while driving a Lamborghini to your owned company. What if you did average? Average, that means average. You’ll live an average life, be an average person and worry about those middle-class problems like Petrol/Diesel, Onion/Tomato, Gold/Silver Prices! What if I wasn’t able to perform well? Um….nothing. Just Nothing. You can’t tell what would be your future, decisions are most likely in the hands of people around you. You might say, ” That’s Harsh!” I know it too. But isn’t it happening from a very long time? It has been decided by our forefather, so it might be correct. What I have learned till now allows me to say that the world evolves. It changes drastically. Things that would look sturdy and stood on the ground at that time are like ‘Leaning tower of Pisa’ or even broken into pebbles today. With changes in the world, there ought to be changes in the society, in our ideas. We are going into a larger aspect which I don’t want to talk about for now. Coming back to exams and their ability to decide one’s future.

First of all, according to Oxford, “Exam is a formal written, spoken or practical test, especially at school or college, to see how much you know about a subject, or what you can do”. Basically, it analyzes one’s knowledge in a particular subject. The Subjects that we are most familiar with are Science, Maths, Social Science and Language Skills. I had a question if one wanted to become an artist. Will any of these help him/her to achieve his/her dream? I mean…fine…It would make him/her literate and he/she would be able to live life independently. But then why is he/she assessed on the above subjects? Why does he/she upon failing any one of those exams need to stay in that particular class? He/she don’t need those subjects to become an artist. If one wanted to become an engineer or a doctor, why should he/she know about which dam is built on which river and which soil supports wheat? Even at the slightest possibility that he/she would later come across a farmer who would need his/her help or need the information for him/herself, so can’t he/she look up on Google? We are paying companies for such technologies for a reason, and their employees are getting paid for the same. Technology has been invented to make our lives easier, then why do we want to gobble up the entire book in one night? And MOST SURPRISINGLY, if you know the entire book from 1st page to the last, then you’ll be the richest man in the world. If you don’t, then expect to be working in your father’s company. I personally feel that today’s education misleads students into thinking that the books which you are meant to learn are a key to the exams whereas they are a guide to live life it’s meant to be. Have you wondered why do you want to learn about Gravitation and Magnetic Force and every other topic of Science? It is so that you don’t believe in superstitions and act logically. What about Maths? Taking it’s most simple uses into consideration, we can count stuff. It can be chocolates, or pages or anything. More complex uses such as Trigonometry and Geometry help engineers build stuff and ordinary people to save money by repairing things without the need of some kind of “A-Level ; Among the Top 5 Engineers ;Best in the class” engineer to solve it. Similarly, Social Science is so that we can know the reason behind the modern-day laws, and how did they came into existence? We can know about how technology has modified the world as a whole. We didn’t knew about the politics, the corruption until we learnt Civics.

“I believe that everything in this world is important for something and for someone.”

  In conclusion, I just wanted to say that these books are not meant to gobbled up. They are here to be learnt, to be explored and to be applied somewhere. Don’t worry if you can’t perform well in the exams. They are just some papers which even though won’t help you to secure your future wouldn’t be a problem if YOU FIND YOUR TALENT. Everyone is different and everyone has a talent. Ask yourself why are you different? For what you are praised but you never notice? The answers are the REAL KEY to your success. Another important thing, HardWork and Dedication are like the fuel of you career. More the HardWork, More ABLE you are! Longer the Dedication, Longer will you be able to sustain your journey. And finally, I want to wrap up by saying that NEVER learn things to prove someone(by exams or by competitions) instead learn things to prove yourself that you are able to do it and always try to beat your HighScore!

Sorry for the downbeat start. I wanted to go into a serious conversation. Anyways, thanks a lot for hearing me(reading or whatever!!). I will see you all when I’ll see you all! 😀 Cheers!



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