Tanu Weds Manu Returns — Fantastic !!

Hello there! I’m back to this “Is it Worth it?” section with again a newly released flick!! We are talking about “Tanu weds Manu Returns” which had a large, large anticipation. People were waiting, cheering and just wanted to see it quickly. They couldn’t wait especially after they saw the first part of it. Actually, I haven’t seen the first part, so, I can’t compare them both but one thing I can tell for sure is,” You don’t require to see the first part to understand the second.” Due to the great cinematography and visualization, the movie begins just after the first one ended. The story is related to the previous one and also gives an idea of the story of first one. Many people asked me this question, so, I’m answering it here publicly once and for all.Moving to the thespians (actors and actresses), I really found it amusing. The movie was expected to contain humour which it truly serves. Kangana Ranaut did a spectacular work with Madhavan, both leading from the front. Their chemistry was perfect and leaves viewers wanting for more. The movie didn’t had much of a story but I would recommend everyone to watch once!! It would tempt you to watch again (and you could even watch again). Another thing to note was the Haryanvi accent took by Kangana for banno. She had picked it up so perfectly, it looks like she really was a haryanvi girl. It was flawless.

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Go watch it!! Be sure to tell me how it was in the comments section below!! Have fun!!


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