Long and Short Distance!!

Hello there! I’m Chirag Tamhane, Chief Editor of Makeitabtme.wordpress.com and you are watching (reading) today’s headlines (Actually, just my chat with you) with me. [News-Reporter style intro — (check)]

Now, how are you everyone? Hope you were well prepared for this summer cause you know this summer is a beast. And Hope you WERE cause the summer is like half or more than half-way gone and due to my uncompetable intellect, I posted it now, mid-way! Anyways, you all should be thankful to me (I’m thankful to you all for atleast trying to visit my blog and then complementing even though it isn’t worth that) for posting this post. And yaa, I won’t be publishing those tips and precautions for summer cause this blog is unlike fashion and beauty care ones and I’m 101% sure that you all readers are smart enough to take care of yourselves. (Though I don’t know and that’s why my mom has forced me to face-wash twice a day and sunscreen during going out and I hate that stuff.) [Trying to be as frank and funny to the readers — (check)]

The thing which I used to experience every summer vacations was “Time won’t pass”. It isn’t the case this time and I had 3 projects left. And there is no way I could tell my teacher that “Time passed away” and make the most innocent face and think to get away. Anyways, I know I could do it and instead of finding useless excuses, I’m looking forward to complete it and not only complete but innovatively complete. I also suggest to those all readers who are of my age and face the same problem of getting no time for projects during vacations. There is still time left and we can do this. #WeCanDoIt [Pretend to be serious and give a motivational speech — (check)]

And yaa, I forgot the title. Due to my uncompetable intellect (again) I forgot to tell about the topic. It’s actually I’m talking about recent event. I couldn’t get time to even open my browser and I didn’t posted anything, then my very own book, writing pages of it made me tired. And this all made me unable to post anything so it’s like our distance was increasing, between posts, It’s a long time since I talked with you lovely people. But I noticed one thing that no one unsubscribed, neither commented me to post something instead eagerly waited. This all is enough for me to keep writing stuff and I got the utterly essential motivational boost. I love you all and I’ll keep posting until you all are with me. And this proves that even though the distance between my posts was long, the distance between me and you all is short, next to nothing. Love y’all !! Keep Smiling!! [True feelings (unplanned) — (check)]


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