Back to Blogging!!

Bonjour everyone! First of all, I’m extremely sorry for not blogging from many days. Apologies to all my followers who were waiting for me to add content and didn’t unsubscribed. Actually, this week was a mess. I have started writing a book which makes it a bit boring to write more for the blog. Cause like everyone has a certain limit for writing per day and when it gets over, one don’t feel to write much. Without enthusiasm, I just can’t write. After writing pages and pages for my book, I just can’t get that enthusiasm. Then, my mom was unwell, so there was a haste to the doctor. She is extremely well now. But till she was unwell, I needed to ensure I could allow her to take rest as best as possible. I also went for a stay at my cousin brother’s house with my mom, so she could get more rest and don’t feel like she is a patient. Then Vacation Homework…. Anyways, I’m extremely sorry and please don’t unsubscribe cause I’m back to blogging!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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