Units of life….

Hey there, Let’s cut to the chase and get to the point directly. I have a question and I need your help to find an answer for it!! Ok..so…yaa….Yesterday night, I was watching a cricket match. It made me think, It’s all about runs, that’s the currency which judges the victory of a particular team. From currency, I remembered about Money, It is also measured in units. From units, I remembered units like Gram,Liter, etc. which helps us to measure goods. We measure the land we live upon. We measured the percentage of oxygen, nitrogen, and etc gases in the air we breathe. We measured the amount of blood a human body contains. We measured the amount of water, the distance between cities, countries, continents, planets, galaxies. Every sport has one or the other currency. From this, I got an idea that we, humans measure everything around us but…..i have one question.

Why don’t we measure our life? Why don’t we make a unit which measure how life is going on?Why are we measuring everything around as well as inside us but not we, as a whole? Isn’t that made you pondering for a moment? It made me the whole night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an answer. Could you all can find one? If not, then how about we spread this question to those people whom we consider great, legendary, etc and to doctors, scientists, and everyone till we get a proper solution. I know, there isn’t a technology for this, but we are trying to invent a time machine, portable worm-hole, teleportation device, and etc devices which we have no idea how would we invent. But then that’s the age we are living in, We people take every new idea as a possibility and work on it!! So, why not this life measuring device???

Please spread to more and more people and never stop until you find an answer and not an excuse!! Have a good day. Please tell me what are you thinking about it in the comments below, share this article, share this thought, let’s find an answer together!!!


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