Hey, everyone, did you hear that? FCB is in the finals!!! Woo hoo !!! And we are gonna face the mighty Juventus !!! Now that’s gonna be a heck of match!! Tune in at 6th June, 7:45 PM (UK time) or else 7th June, 12:15 am (India time). I love FCB and I’am a die-hard fan of the club, I mean family!! Tell me whom are you supporting in the comments below as we will enjoy one of the best 90 mins (or maybe more) of our life (maybe football life) enjoying UEFA Champions League finale. And by FCB, I remember, M-S-N. They are considered the best trio ever!! I’m sure they’ll be looking to prove it as well. And if we take a look, the rest are also legendary ones. But hey matey, football isn’t a one team game, there are two teams playing a single game, that’s what you may say, cause Juventus is also clustered with stars!! First of all, let’s hail G. Buffon, he’s a beast, he can stop those goals which other’s may can’t. He’ll be surely ready for the finale. Second, but the best in form at Juventus, Paul Pogba, he is sizzling hot on the field, he is the one who makes the groove going on!! And I have no words for Pirlo. Let’s cross our fingers, cause we don’t really know who’s gonna win. Though, I am with Barcelona and with my favourite player Messi!!! You can surely call me a MESSI Fan-Boy but unorthodox one, I mean I’m not like “MESSI, MESSI” even though he isn’t in form, I always have faith in him but may criticize if he mistakes. From mistakes, I remember, Mistakes aren’t an option at the finale. All the Best to both the teams, May the best win!!! 😛 So, I’ll meet u when i meet u the next time!!

No image?? What's going wrong i wonder!!


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