Zombifyin’ game is cute!!

You heard it right!! I just found a game titled “i saw her standing there” which is basically a zombie flash game but it has one of the best love stories embedded!! Please read the story, that’s where it gets interesting, lovable, and at-last emotional. Without telling you much, I’ll show you the game!! Now those who ain’t gonna try themselves can watch this video here

And those ones who wanna try it out themselves can check it out here  —  GAME

Now, comes the review part : Pros :- — The game is minimalistic, controls are simple. — Great story line, wasn’t expected, surprises the gamer. — Small flash online game. So, easily accessible and doesn’t takes time to load. — Also have interesting variations available after the game is completed once! Cons :- — Maybe boring from perspectives of non-indie game lovers, love-story haters. — Not many customization and features.

Byline : ‘One-time for sure’ type of game!! I would recommend that you try by yourself!! It’s fun and emotional!!


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