The day was Simply AWSM!!

Hey there, how are u all? Hope everyone are fantastic and so, yeah, we are here back together, to maybe talk about our day and just……talk. So, the day began with my father waking me up early, so we could go to an open-ground before it gets crowded. Do you know why did we went there?? Actually, I am beginning to learn how to drive a two-wheeler and my father’s my tutor and I have 100% faith that with him, I’ll learn in no time. I personally consider him, the best in driving two-wheelers.
Next, today in tuition, we friends enjoyed a lot, some chat, some popsicles, some maths!! Then mother’s day surprise to my mom, her reaction, everything made my day. Then, my accidental sleep at 4pm till 7 pm. Then, going to play some carrom, and finally, at the end of the day, I have some ICE-CREAM waiting for me!! P.S : I love Ice Creams a lot lot lot!! So…um…..I’ll go cause I have heard from my secret agents, that Ice creams melt quickly. 😉


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