Mother’s Day Speech!!

Bonjour!! Hey, today, my very very close friend, asked me to write a mother’s day speech for her, so she could present in front of her class. I thought, why not use that for two purposes. So, here am I, posting this speech on our website-type of thing!!

Hello everyone present here, respected teachers and my dear classmates. Good Morning. Before I begin with my speech, I want to narrate you a story.

Once upon a time, there was girl who was engrossed in a problem. She tried a lot to find the solution but unfortunately couldn’t. Then, she asked to her friends and then her best friends, but no new outcome was there. Then, she asked to both her sister as well as her brother but alas nothing happened. She lost all her hopes but on a last thought she decided to let God find the solution. After hearing the girl’s problem, God said,” You asked so many people, went from place to place, but the thing which you are searching for lies just around you.” She was confused and couldn’t figure it out. At that moment, her mother came and saw her somewhat distracted and upset. Her mother asked her,” What happened dear? The girl was spellbound. The reason being she called the entire world for help where her mother solved her problem in minutes without any excuses.

Ok, so, you know, many a times, we can’t express what we feel about a person in front of him/herself and there comes no exception for our mothers. I guess, that’s the reason, we keep a special day, only to admire the God’s best creation. I always think, when I am with my friends, my relatives, I don’t feel that comfort which I do feel when I am with my mom. Yeah, I agree that those mentioned above are utter-most important to me but still maa toh kuch alag hi hai. I have even noticed, I can compliment my friends, and any etc. etc. people but mother becomes an exception. This exception is not because of any attitude problem or anything else. It’s just because we take them for granted. But if we rethink about it, we’ll get to know, every single thing she did was selfless. That’s what makes her special. And for a special person like this, one day isn’t enough. So, I pledge to myself that I’ll celebrate mother’s day everyday but not in the form of cards, gifts and etc instead if just a compliment, small helps, and spending some quality time with her can bring a smile on her face, then why won’t I? Why won’t we?

P.S : This speech has been written keeping her in mind!!! Hope u like it!! Please leave your comments below!!


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