Time flies when you have work to do!!

Hello mateys!!! Aaargh!!! 😀 😀 So, First up, I am not a pirate. Second, Mother’s Day is coming soon!! It’s on 10th May. I hope u all might have prepared something for your mother, aren’t you? I guess the answer would rather be mixed. I know, I know, many a times I’m also not prepared. But guess what?? This time, I have changed myself!! I was just preparing a card for my mom, and not an ordinary card but rather a special card for my special mom!! I have made the entire card but the content is remaining. So, due to my mom’s own idea, I’m gonna write a poem for her!! Wait….what??? Your mom gave you this idea?? That’s what you were gonna ask, right?? Actually, My mom was telling me you write such beautiful poems for else but you haven’t wrote one for me, even though mother’s day passed. My mom thought mother’s day has passed and so told this. But due to her fault, i got my idea and her wish!! So, I’ll make a poem and would put it inside the card. When i was making the card, I didn’t noticed but time flew away too quickly. Maybe, when you work on something with pure passion, you can’t notice the world around you!!  And yaa, be sure to check this blog for the oncoming 1-2 days!! I would post the card as well as the poem here!! Saying much, I think I’ll meet u when i meet u the next time!!


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