Gabbar is BACK !!! — I’am Dazzled!!

So, I decided to kick this section to a great start by reviewing a latest flick!! That’s by no doubt, Gabbar is Back!! So, let’s take it one at a time. First of all, the anticipation. The anticipation was very high due to : (1) Gabbar is Back — title (2) Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar has been doing the best movies like Holiday, Baby, which went super-duper hit!! Now to raise his bar much above, he went for this one!! This is the movie, Bollywood needs more. Anyways, that was all before the movie released, but after it…. Β The Starting was perfect, It led the viewers straight to the point, brought them cut to the chase. The movie is pretty fast and still u can easily put the pieces in their place without any need of much thinkin’. The movie has a definite aim and that’s Awareness about corruption and way to remove it. It stands sharp without unnecessary content. Kareena Kapoor has done a cameo as well !! One of the best i have ever seen!! Go and watch it quickly!!

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Another note: See, basically, I’m here to share my views about this movie, that’s what REview means!! I just wanted to tell that don’t expect loads of pictures,videos, and stuff about that. You can get that by two mouse clicks on any other websites. I am here to just post my views and I won’t post unnecessary stuff cause it wastes your time as well as my time!! Sorry if you disliked my decision, though I guess I am gonna stay with it!! Peace!!


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