A love poem made by me!! — My Love Story

My Love Story

When i saw you for the first time,

I never thought you would be mine.

I never wanted to keep you forever,

as i knew for the moment you are with me, together.

Just your company made me glad,

Without you, every moment is sad.

I loved you from the bottom of my heart,

But i just didn’t knew, from where to start?

When you told me, you are going away,

I was engrossed in dismay,

But I tried to find every possible way.

It looked like, my life is in vain,

Some days ago, you came in my life again.

My love for you always rises,

And I am there for you in every crisis.

Thinking about you makes me feel nice,

Being with you makes my thirst suffice.

I ensure I wouldn’t let anyone take your seat,

Cause without you, I am incomplete.

You are my invaluable treasure,

I won’t leave you ever,

Will you be with me forever?

This poem was made by me on the subject love….i named it My Love Story as the poem looks like someone’s love story though it’s not mine…but it is of many others. Please leave your comments about it and be sure to USE it for your loved ones if u liked it!!No image?? What's going wrong i wonder!!


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