Here am i….

So….here am i. I wanted to make a website-type of stuff a long ago!! But I wasn’t so sure about it. So i finally decided to make one after my sister made one. I made it for fun purposes and also to utilize my time in a better way than playing computer games all the time. xD xD . Umm….So to start from….I’ll tell u what is this blog all about. Frankly speaking…It’s not about me still about me. Didn’t get it?? Actually….I don’t want this blog to be filled with my life experiences, though i would share some of my better moments. But this blog is all about “Things” in touch with me. I would share my art….my reviews….my thinking…my “what’s going in my mind” to all of u. And so yaa….that’s all for now i guess…..Meet u very very soon but yaa remember….my soon is pretty infrequent…..can be too quick or can be….u know it!! Bye folks!! I’ll meet u when i meet u the next time!! 😀


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